Ideas of Talents Cultivation SEAT:HOME H&RIdeas of Talents Cultivation

EDA believe the human resource concept of ‘the company grows along with the staff to create a home of heart and heart, and in the next years our human resources strategy will be reflected in the following aspects:

    • 1.Establish the echelon of talents, and ensure that employees have sufficient capacity for their own work.
    • 2.Assist employees in their career planning.
    • 3.While paying attention to the overall achievement and performance of our employees, we also pay attention to the improvement of personal abilities of individual employees. We regard the individual achievements as the core measure of individual performance, meanwhile, we strive to provide all kinds support for the self-improvement of our employees, including training provided by the company and support provisions to individuals to enhance their skills.
    • 4.While paying attention to the individual performance, we launch sustained examination on the level of engagement of employees, and understand their demands. Also improve ourselves based on our employees’ demands, and make continuous efforts to create harmonious employee relations and a home of heart and heart.
    • 5.EDA provided two channels for personal development for our employees: the technical sequence and the management sequence. The technical sequence allows employees to carry out researches according to their personality and fields of interest, and in the end become skilled specialists in the field. In the management loop, EDA will provide target training to personnel with management skills based on assessments of personal characteristics, and training them into management roles.



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