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    Guang Dong EDA Technology Co., Ltd. (“EDA”) was established in 2001, focus on Medical & Health Care / Industrial / Communications field, we are providing High Mixed / Low to Mid volume manufacturing service for customized products in these fields . The headquarter is in Cha Shan town, Dong Guan city of China. We have R&D centers and sales offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Canada.
    EDA provides integrated solutions to customers: product design, SCM (Molding fabrication, international procurement of plastic, metal, electronics parts; inspection of incoming materials; temperature and humidity controlled storage; domestic and oversea logistics, etc.),LEAN production system, DFM service and testing solutions, to guarantee the quality of products and improve the efficiency of production.Successfully to implemented IMS (Intelligent?Manufacturing?Systems) from IQC, SMT, PTH, Assembly process
    EDA has professional teams of 200 employees, 10,000 square meters of factory area, including dust-free/ anti-static production workshops and nice office environments. Using advanced testing equipment such as AOI, ICT, ATE, ESD anti-static facilities, EDA has established a full quality control system, continuously improvement and striving for zero-defect to meet the demand of our clients. Holds ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 , ISO13485:2016 Certificates,IATF 16949:2016 and CFDA production license for medical products.
    EDA faithfully adhere to the principles of “customer first, quality first", we take care the unique needs of every customer, provide fast response, flexibilities and professional service, to be the best partner of our customers. 
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