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EDA is committed in processing various kinds of products in HMLW with high-quality and high-requirements. Focus on Medical / Industrial / Telecom HMLV Market Sectors. In order to meet the design requirements of our customer's products, EDA engineering team (NPI, PIE, TE, QE and PE ) always provide quality engineering services for our customers with rich experiences. We also provide DFM solutions, to reduce costs and improve efficiency for our clients, so as to meet the demands of modernized production and the market.

1.Valued Engineering capabilities:

    a)Analyzes for cost reduction
      Inventory analyzes of spare parts
      • b)Analyzes of electronics circuits
      • c)Analyzes of the mechanical structure
      • d)Operation Cost Analysis
      1. 2.Component Engineering
          • a)Verification of suppliers
          • b)Confirmation and analysis of alternative materials
          • c)Alternative solutions for off-production materials
          • d)Analyzes of product longevity and risks
        • 3.Inspection and analyzes of designs
          • a)Assembly analyzes of circuit boards
          • b)Designs for manufacture
          • c)Factory design and manufacture
          • d)Designs for assembly automation
          • e)Analyzes of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)

        • 4.Introduction of new products
          • a)Early supplier involvement
          • b)Prototyping
          • c)Analyzes of production defection
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